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Hey, thanks for checking out our Privacy & Security page. The somewhat formal wording below is an outline of how we may use data, but only with the intention of building a trusted network. At now stage will we divulge your personal details to anyone else, or intentionally spam you. We're a company in its early days of set up, and want to do things right. Please give us feedback or your questions on our approach to Privacy & Security at any time. We will most definitely respond and chat through with you.

Use of this site constitutes full acceptance of the Privacy Policies of Contingent CXO Pte Ltd, Trading As Thought Branch (The Company) relating to use of its website and services, by you as the user (The User) of the website and services, without limitation.

The Company provide the website and their services for the enjoyment of the Customers (The User), and aim to ensure complete, ongoing satisfaction. In doing so, The Company provides this privacy policy to provide transparency on type of information collected, its usage and storage, for the protection of all relevant parties. For the purposes of this policy, the term “The User” will be used to represent all types of user, whether as a user of the website or the services provided by The Company directly.

To provide the website and services, The Company may, from time to time, be required to capture personal information of The User, whether for improvement of services provided to The User, or management of the requirements of The User. The data of The User is important to The Company, so in capturing such information The Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the privacy of The User is maintained.

Please take time to review and understand this policy, to ensure you are familiar with its content and understand how The Company capture, use and maintain personal data. This policy may change as the service of The Company evolves, so The Company requests that The User remain familiar with its content. If there are any queries from The User with respect to their personal data, they are encouraged to contact The Company directly.

Data Collection Process

The Company collect information from and about The User in many ways:

  • Website Usage: information from either The User irrespective of registration, collected via the website’s use of “Cookies”
  • Voluntary Information Submission: information knowingly submitted by The User through the website, such as electronic forms
  • Email, Written Letter, Phone Call or SMS Contact: information captured from emails sent by any party, directly to The Company
Website Usage (“Cookies”)
  • The Company use “Cookies” to automatically capture information from The User while they use the site, therefore, The User must accept that cookies will be used, and must ensure their browser settings are configured to allow this. Without this, The User will not be permitted to use the website.
  • Once settings allow the use of Cookies, Cookies are small packets of data that are stored on the hard drive of the user of a website, used in the capture of non-identifiable data
  • Cookies are used to keep track of website preferences, such as tracking products or services “flagged” for interest by , or when placing an order, by remembering such preferences. They can also be used to create usage-statistics, which enable to identify usage patterns and preferences in order to enhance the website service provided to users.
Voluntary Information Submission
  • Where of the website submits information through the website of , such as via an electronic form, such information may be retained by , such as identifying information of the sending party, or any other information disclosed that deems relevant to its current or future dealings
Email, Written Letter, Phone Call or SMS Contact
  • Where a party contacts directly by email, written letter, phone or SMS, any information contained in such communications may be retained by , such as identifying information of the sending party, or any other information disclosed that deems relevant to its current or future dealings
Requested Restrictions

The Company will endeavour to respect and uphold any requests by The User to restrict or limit information held, though in doing so reserve the right to delete any portion of personal information held in order to achieve this. Such a request may require the termination of an account, however, this will be communicated to The User prior to such an action being taken, including with a notice period of 7 days.

Data Storage and Security

The Company take the security of personal information of The User the very seriously, and respect the sensitivity of all information it captures through its website or other means. Any personal information, as outlined above, will be held securely within the appropriate electronic storage repositories managed by The Company, to protect the confidentiality and integrity of personal information held.

Data Usage

By agreeing to submit personal information, in the manner outlined above, The User consents to the use of data by The Company, as they deem appropriate, whether for risk management, account maintenance, or improving a tailored service.

At no stage will The Company sell or provide this data to any other party, unless required to by law, for the purposes of litigation, or in the event of liquidation or acquisition. The Company may in its discretion share non-identifying information obtained from Cookies with third parties in order to optimise the website and services. If The User does not wish for such non-identifiable information to be shared, they must elect not to accept Cookies when first using the website, and therefore opt out of being able to access the services of The Company. If The User wishes to cease accepting Cookies from the website, they can reconfigure their browser settings to do so, acknowledging that they will no longer be able to access the said website or services.

Future Policy Changes

In the event The Company require changes to the policy, The User accepts that they may do so at any time, without prior notification. It is therefore the responsibility of The User to remain familiar with the policy. Continued use of the website constitutes agreement from The User to do so.


The main purposes of the Privacy Policy is to provide transparent intent of how The Company intends to capture and use information obtained from The User. The overall intention is to provide The User with the best service possible, while protecting all parties’ interests. We encourage any party who have a query with respect to any T&Cs of The Company, Privacy Policy or any other aspect of the website, services of products provided by The Company, to contact directly to

If any user of this site does not agree with the entirety of this Privacy Policy, The Company requests that they in no way use the website or associated services.

Effective April 6, 2017

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