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Matched Request Email (Sample)

From: Thought Branch Matched Experts

Date: Friday, 19 June 2017 at 09:52

To: Wilson, George

Subject: Thought Branch - Request ID: R000392

Expert ID: AAG6P7JI

Hi George,

Your experience was a Top 10 match to a Request received.

Of these, the user has only selected a few to connect with for advice on their business challenge.

We ask you to review and decide promptly, as the first selected Expert to accept will have a session scheduled at the specified timeslot.

Request Summary

Expert Match: 95.50%

User ID: 2PS3X9XU / Request UID: R000392

Advice Title: Assistance with branding and digital marketing

Background: Business has stagnated, so looking to rebrand and promote, though looking for guidance on the next steps before committing to work

Sector: Retail Services

Industry: Food & Beverage

Core Segment: SME

Availability: Fri 07-Jul-17 21:00

Budget Match: 140

Delivery Medium: Video

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Successful matches will have a small matching fee applied from the user budget once the booking is made. The net amount will be issued to the you, after advice has been given.

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