About Us



Who We Are

We're a group of seasoned professionals from different countries & backgrounds, who started a consultancy to solve problems for other businesses.

Our approach - to listen and understand challenges that different businesses face, regardless of their industry, as many face the same.

What We Found

Many coffees later, we found there were lots of questions. Though not just ours, our Clients'.

Businesses are people, and long before they want solutions, they want answers - for guidance, options or simply untangling problems they face.

To get answers, people needed to branch out & share thoughts.

That Lead to Thought Branch

We couldn't be the only ones facing this, and that's when it struck us.

The sum of our experience,
and that of our Competitors, Customers and their Customers,
is far greater than the whole.

The fact is, everyone has questions outside their own experience, everyone has answers.
So instead of applying a finite pool of experience, why not combine for the benefit of all.

So What Makes An Expert

An industry leader? A specialist skill? Someone who reads three books on a topic?

Or is expertise relative to someone with deeper experience than yours?

We're all experts in our own fields.
It's in our nature to question everything, and now there is somewhere for the answers.

Thought Branch is launching as a business advice marketplace,
for professionals & companies to get guidance they need,
before needing to jump into a solution.

Delve Deeper. Question Everything.

Thought Branch is the easy way to get business answers.

Advice is central to our way of learning.
It goes beyond textbooks, and adds human colour that even AI cannot.
Answers are not always binary; often only ‘human’ discussions truly unravel explanations.

Whether for big or small questions,
or follow on work, make your query here
and we’ll match you to experts with answers.

It’s your call who you want to work with, within your budget.

No registration fees.

Thought Branch. It’s that simple, so ask away.

Experts and Answers

Matched. Tailored. Affordable.